Sonoff is a WiFi wireless switch that can
connect to appliances of different types and brands.
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Voltex Smart Touch allows you to combine everything
– lights, appliances, timings, rooms, scenarios -
into one user-friendly App control!
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OpenSprinkler allows you to Access
and control your sprinklers from anywhere.
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The Air 4920 is a secure way to increase
the range of your Wi-Fi signal and fix Wi-Fi dead zones.
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Google Home and Amazon Echo Dot are hands-free speakers
that you control with your voice. They allow you to play music, make calls,
send and receive messages, get information like news, sports, weather, and more. .
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Take control of your home

Smartkit products all you and your Smart Devices (phones, computers, tablets) to
turn your Home into an intelligent space by controlling your environment from anywhere.
Home automation systems will make the use of a variety of home appliances more
convenient and save energy, which in turn saves money.


Security &

Activate lights before coming home in the dark.
Be notified when windows or doors sensors are activated.
Link your device to
security cameras.

Convenience &
Save Time

Switch off your lights or pool pump from anywhere.
Switch on your coffee machine from your warm bed.
Schedule your sprinkler system.

Save Energy &

Turn off unnecessary lights and appliances from anywhere cutting down electricity use.
Save water with effective sprinkler system control.

Elegance &

Home Automation suits the modern lifestyle
Impress your friends by playing music, changing room temperature, getting sports results and dimming the lights!