Sonoff : 433Mhz RF Remote by grantrobertson247 Sep 06, 2017 0 Amazon Dot, Sonoff

The Sonoff 433Mhz remote control can be synced to either a Slampher or Sonoff RF. It comes with 4 buttons and can be used to control the light on/off from around 15m line of site without the app. In conjunction with the eWeLink scene function , a number of lights around a property can be groups and controlled with a single click. Ideal for cases where external lights can be activated as one driving up the drive way ; cases where a phone/app is not needed or immobile.

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Sonoff : Amazon Alexa Integration by grantrobertson247 Sep 05, 2017 0 alexa, amazon dot, home automation, smart home, smarthome, smartkit, sonoff, sonoff dual

Amazon Alexa offers support for many smart home products – including Sonoff. In this demonstration we’re going to show the potential lag due to the distance of the cloud through to the switch. In many instances the convenience and functionality outweighs the lag.