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Smartkit OpenIrrigation ESP8266

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Product Description

OpenSprinkler is an open-source, web-based smart sprinkler controller for lawn and plant watering, drip irrigation, farm irrigation, hydroponics etc. The current version comes with built-in WiFi (based on ESP8266).  OpenSprinkler supports a variety of 24VAC solenoid valves.


  • AC-powered version requires a 24VAC sprinkler transformer (NOT included by default but can be purchased as add-on). It is designed to work with 24VAC valves only.
  • Intuitive User Interface — no more messing with buttons and knobs, no more running to your garage to make a single change to your sprinkler programs. Instead, use web browsers and our free mobile apps to access OpenSprinkler from anywhere, whether you are at home, at office, or away traveling.
  • Smart Control — our weather algorithm automatically adjusts your sprinkler run times using real-time weather data. It not only stops watering when it rains, but also adjusts the water time on a continuous scale based on your local weather conditions.
  • Compatibility — OpenSprinkler is a drop-in replacement of conventional sprinkler controllers. It supports master zone / pump start relay, rain sensor, flow sensor, program start switch, and has buttons and an LCD for manual control on the controller.

Package includes an assembled OpenIrrigation ESP8266 housed device.

Package DOES NOT Include:

  • 24VAC Transformer (purchase here)
  • If you have an existing sprinkler controller, you can reuse the transformer
  • Sprinkler valves or solenoids
  • IP65 Enclosure (device is not waterproof).
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