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Sonoff Power On State

With most smart lighting devices, the switch needs to be powered on continually in order to have the ‘smart’ ability available – and the Sonoff is no different.

One thing that is different, however, is that the power on state has 3 distinct options which are selectable . Typically the power on state cannot be changed on many systems. Each option is described in detail :

1) ON : As per video, this is the option I prefer. This means when power is restored for whatever reason, the bulb defaults to on. Effectively, this means the switch can be used as a traditional switch with the lever. A negative, though, would be a power cut in the middle of night and having your house default to on …

2) OFF : This is the default setting and means that the lever can’t be used traditionally. If power is cut and restored, everything remains in the off state.

3) KEEP : This means that when power is restored, the lights go back to what their previous settings was. Lights that were on, go to on – and off, go to off. A great thing with the options is that each light can be set individually. 

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Sonoff : Amazon Alexa Integration

Amazon Alexa offers support for many smart home products – including Sonoff. In this demonstration we’re going to show the potential lag due to the distance of the cloud through to the switch.

In many instances the convenience and functionality outweighs the lag.